Peguila (Episode 5, #14 in production order)

I created a list of Ultra Q episodes in production order, and I hope it helps.

When looking at the list, it explicitly tells us  the distinctive features among the episodes: the ones likely produced as UNBALANCE and the others as Ultra Q.

While it seems that it’s no longer clear now exactly when the switch from UNBLANCE to Ultra Q was made, looking at the list makes us realize the first season of the series are likely to have been produced as episodes of UNBALANCE.


It is until Peguila appeared in #14 with the kaijus designed by Tohl Narita mostly featured beyond.

Peguila is described as the first Ultra kaiju created by Tohl Narita and Ryosaku Takayama while it was designed by Narita based on the original draft drawn by Yasuyuki Inoue of the Toho Special Art Division.

As to Sudar in #23, it might make you wonder why such a seemingly ‘commonplace’ giant octopus was featured although the episode was produced after Narita joined the production.


It seems to be because this episode is the one plotted during the UNBALANCE period on the premise of featuring Toho’s giant octopus.

At any rate, I find the distinction between Season 1 and 2 of Ultra Q is so obvious.

As a matter of fact, it is enormously questionable that the series could have led to its sequel Ultraman and continued into later series including the recent products if the first-ever authentic tokusatsu TV series of Japan was produced at the same rate as UNBALANCE to the end.

It proves that Takashi Kakoi and Namegon did such a great job!

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