Computer-generated Ultraman

Ultraman in metallic silver

One of my readers was nice enough to inform me of a trailer previously released by the Tsuburaya Productions featuring the original Ultraman with computer-generated images.

As I replied to his comment, I had already seen this trailer and it surely raised our expectation for a new product about the original Ultraman, but nothing has happened so far somehow unfortunately.

Apart from whether computer-generated characters are good or bad, the image of the original Ultraman shown in the trailer (apparently based on the Type A suit) was intriguing as it has some features which should have been abandoned due to technical issues when the series was produced in those days.

First of all, it’s said that Tohl Narita wanted to make Ultraman’s body metallic silver which could make his entire body look like metal instead of the painted silver which can be seen now.

No eye holes with the movable mouth naturally

And, as it is a computer-generated character, he has no unnatural folds like the wet suit and no eye holes naturally while Narita had no choice but to open the holes against his will to ensure the view from inside.

I guess Narita should have preferred the body getting no folds if such a material for the body should have been available instead of a wet suit.

It might be said that the trailer’s image should be close to his ideal in these respects.

Alongside of the computer-generated expressions of his muscles, it is true that all these factors with the biological features would help to make him look more like an unknown extraterrestrial life form although I find it a bit creepy…

While I’m not sure what Narita would say about it, it might be that the Ultraman that Narita idealized could not be realized unless it’s a computer-generated character eventually.

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