Who is Ultra Seven?

Dan appears in front of Furuhashi and Soga as a vagabond

As I said, the world settings of “Ultra Seven” and “Ultraman” are not associated.

But the basic format of the Ultra hero vs Kaiju and the activities of a defense team has been taken over from “Ultraman.”

And Seven’s home is also Nebula M-78, the Land of Light, identical to Ultraman.

In the planning, it seems the hero was set as Ultraman Jr. for a period.

But, as a result, the product has turned out to be a story separate from Ultraman.


Ultra Seven is the fixed star observer #340 of Nebula M-78.

In the settings, he came to Earth in order to generate orbital diagram of Earth.

And, learning Alien Cool is planning to invade Earth, he stays on.

That is the setting.

In the drama, he appears in front of Furuhashi and Soga, members of Ultra Garrison, with the look of an earthling who identifies himself as Dan Moroboshi.

Dan warns them about activities of invaders behind the scenes.


Soga: “Who are you at all?”

Dan: “Vagabond as you can see.”

Furuhashi: “Your name?”

Dan: “Name? (thinking for a moment) …Yes, let me make it Dan Moroboshi.”


Dan cooperated with Ultra Garrison in attacking Alien Cool’s space ship.

Alien Cool shown on a screen

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