Episode Episode 17: The 1/8 Project
Height 1/8
Weight 1/8
Features 1/8

One-eighth humans are humans who have been reduced to 1/8 the normal size to solve overpopulation of Tokyo with the world’s highest population density.

They are managed in the area named District S13 with the whole city built at 1/8 scale where they are exempted from work and taxes while they are identified by citizen numbers they are given instead of using names.

Yuriko happened to be accidentally included in applicants rushing to sign up for the 1/8 Project, and she was shrunk to a 1/8 sized human in the shrinking machine.


Desiring to go back to the normal sized world, Yuriko attempted to escape from the shrunk city, and she managed to reach the Hoshikawa Aviation where Manjome and Ippei should be there.

But, when she found a portrait of her there as she was deemed to have died, she was shocked and returned to the 1/8 city leaving a farewell message to them on paper.

Manjome and Ippei who stepped into the 1/8 city as they remained normal in size finally found Yuriko.


But she refused to go back with them and fell unconscious when she was mobbed by a crowd of people escaping at the sight of the normal-sized humans like monsters.

It’s a relief to learn that everything was a dream she had while she was unconscious after falling down the stairs and losing consciousness in a crowd at a train station jammed with people.

After having been shrunk to a 1/8 sized human in this episode, Hiroko Sakurai who played Yuriko was made into 40 meters tall Giant Fuji in Episode 33 ‘The Forbidden Words’ of Ultraman.


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