History of Kemur

It’s well known Kemur runs faster than a police car in the drama.

I wish Kemur would run for the Tokyo Olympic Games slated just for the year 2020.

And it’s also well known Kemur was played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya.

His tall and lean body shape in the suit of Kemur looked exactly like the image Tohl Narita had in his mind in designing the alien.

That made Mr. Narita very much impressed and happy.


That’s why Mr. Furuya was chosen for the role of Ultraman later.

In shooting the running scene, it was attempted to have Mr. Furuya roller skate.

Though a good roller skater, he says it didn’t do well because the head of Kemur was so heavy with three motors inside to move the eyes.

In result, a front projection effect was used for the scene with Mr. Furuya acting in front of the image of a running police car.


Kemur reappears in “Ultraman” (Episode 33 “The Forbidden Words”) though it was played by someone else.

The head remains the same as the first Kemur, but Kemur II got a new suit for the body.

The same head was used for Alien Zetton in the last episode of “Ultraman.”

The design of Kemur led to Alien Quraso of “Ultra Seven” (Episode 7 “Space Prisoner 303”).

The same suit as Kemur II was used for the body of Quraso.

Tetsuo Yamamura says he saw the Kemur head left behind in the storage with the gimmick removed.

Kemur, prototype of Ultra aliens


Kemur (Kemur-jin) is an alien appearing in “Ultra Q” (Episode 19 “Challenge from the Year 2020” ) .

It could be called the origin or prototype of the Ultra aliens Tohl Narita designed.

It’s one of the Ultra aliens I like best.

When you talk about aliens in those days, people must have thought about a multi-legged and octopus-like Martian with no Giger’s alien yet.


Or some people might have brought up the image of the unique aliens drawn by Edd Cartier, American science fiction illustrator, which were introduced in publications at the time in Japan.

It seems even Tohl Narita could not be free from such influence.

But Kemur is an epoch-making and amazing design of an alien which Mr. Narita said was a satisfactory work.

It has three eyes around the cylindrical shaped head.


It’s impressive when the two facing the front move from side to side.

Mr. Narita says he used a technique of Egyptian art for the alien.

Finally, it has an unsymmetrical appearance which makes us wonder which side is the front.

The obscurity is quite attractive.

The head always looks the same when seen from every side with an eye on the back as well.

Side view of lying Kemur with the third eye on the back

Voices for Ultraman and Seven

“Alien Mefilas. Go back to your planet right away!”

Ultraman hardly speaks lines unlike Ultra Seven though he lets out unique shouts performed by Masao Nakasone.

The god-like hero was portrayed thoroughly mysterious and dare not speak much.

Ultraman speaks lines only in Episode 1, 15, 33 and 39.

In speaking lines, the voice was acted as below:


Episode 1: Hisashi Kondo (film editor)  Speaking to Hayata.

Episode 15: Koji Ishizaka (narrator) Speaking to kids to encourage them.

Episode 33: Hikaru Urano (narrator) Speaking to Alien Mefilas.

Episode 39 (the last episode): Hisashi Kondo (film editor)  Speaking to Zoffy.


As Ultraman is set to speak by telepathy, the Earthlings couldn’t hear Ultraman talk to Mefilas in Episode 33.

It’s likely Mr. Nakasone was unable to voice Ultraman speaking lines because of the schedule.

It also seems to be explained recently Mr. Nakasone spoke lines for Episode 33 instead of Mr. Urano.

Incidentally, Zoffy was voiced by Mr. Urano.


In the case of Ultra Seven, the voice was always acted by Koji Moritsugu who played Dan Moroboshi including lines and the shouts which sound like “Djuwa!”

It’s said a voice actor was supposed to voice Seven but the shouting didn’t go well.

When Mr. Moritsugu gave it a try, he did a good job.

And it was decided he would voice Seven subsequently.

As Dan is Seven in his own, Mr. Moritsugu should be the right person.

“Let’s get out of here at once!” (“Ultra Seven” Episode 4)

Who voiced Ultraman?


It’s well known Ultraman shouts in a unique way in battles with monsters and aliens like “Schwa!” or “Schwatch!”

I think these shouts uttered by Ultraman should be a kind of kiai which is commonly seen in Japanese martial arts such as karate and judo.

Kiai is often used to encourage yourself not only to intimidate an opponent.


It should also be meant to be a breathing technique in performing moves of martial arts.

It may also be associated with the Japanese ancestral faith in word spirit.

Anyway, not only the appearance but the characteristic shouts made Ultraman all the more unique and distinctive from the other heroes we were familiar with before then.

Ultraman’s shouts were played by Masao Nakasone (1935-1993), voice actor who was active in the 1960’s to 1970’s.


To make the shout sound like that of an alien, many attempts and efforts seem to have been made such as having Mr. Nakasone shout with his head put in a piano to get a unique resonance.

The shout of Ultraman we are so much familiar with today was born that way.

Such attempts and efforts realized the hero never seen and heard before in the appearance, the performance and even the voice!

Ultraman is epoch-making at any rate in every respect!!!

Concerned about buddies

Zoffy worried about Ultraman

Zoffy: “I’m Zoffy, a Space Ranger of Nebula M78. Now let’s go back to the Land of Light with me, Ultraman.”

In the last episode of “Ultraman,” Zoffy identifies himself as Zoffy to Ultraman.

So Ultraman may possibly not have known about Zoffy till that time.

Zoffy talks to Ultraman who insists on remaining on Earth in an admonishing way.


Zoffy: “Peace of Earth grasped by the hands of humans makes it all the more valuable. You should not remain on Earth indefinitely.”

Boss of Seven also urges Dan (Seven) to return home.

Boss of Seven: “Ultra Seven, it’s time to get back to Nebula M78. […] You should think for yourself now. Remaining on Earth means your death!”

It’s interesting to find both Zoffy and Boss of Seven are more concerned about their buddies than Earthlings.


In short, neither Ultraman nor Ultra Seven were dispatched from Nebula M78 to defend Earth.

But they remained on Earth of their own will though, in the case of Ultraman, he did so in compensation for Hayata’s death he caused negligently.

By the way, it’s now pointed out Zoffy had his crest in black.

As I was informed, the dummy doll used in the flying scene shows it clearly.

I didn’t notice it at all. This is a discovery which deserves a great deal of admiration!!!

Dummy doll in the flying scene