Episode Episode 25: “Strange Comet Cyphon”
Alias Freezing Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 15,000 t
Emergence Japan Alps
Homeplace Japan Alps
Features Looking like an abominable snowman
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Exproduction
Actor Akira Minami

Guigass is a monster like a abominable snowman dwelling in the Japan Alps.

The monster appeared on the occasion of Strange Comet Cyphon passing by close to the earth.

It got involved in battles with the other monsters which are Dorako and Red King II.

Guigass appears to be a bit winsome monster which blinks the eyes in surprise when attacked by Red King II.

I thought its alias was Abominable Snowman Monster and that I saw it described as such in publication before.


But I’ve now found it’s Freezing Monster.

It seems that it was set to breathe out a freezing beam or something in the settings.

But such a weapon was left unused in the drama.

The SSSP had Guigass and Dorako fight against each other so they could destroy themselves in sort of a family feud.

“Humans are wily creatures. I now understand the secret why we humans have uniquely survived this way since the dawn of man…”

Ide lamented with a wry smile, which was very much impressive to me.


Red King II forced the way into the battle between Guigass and Dorako.

Defeated by Red King II, Guigass disappeared into the mountains.

And it was smashed by the Powerful Drying Missile Ide invented and developed.

It’s not that Guigas is a popular monster, but a abominable snowman was a topic which drew the attention of children of the time.

Yeti or sasquatch were what we were interested in and what were featured in TV programs occasionally at the time.

Such things really spurred our imagination.




Episode Episode 25: “Strange Comet Cyphon”
Alias Skull Monster
Height 45 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Japan Alps
Homeplace Unknown
Features Brutality & mightiness
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

This Red King is likely to be another individual of the same species as the first Red King which appeared in Episode 8 “The Wild Monster Zone.”

It’s described as Red King II for the sake of convenience in publication though it’s called just monster in the drama.

The association with the first Red King was not mentioned at all in the drama, either.

The SSSP members who saw Red King II also showed no emotional attachment to the reunion with the monster.

Strange Comet Cyphon

First of all Strange Comet Cyphon approached the earth on a possible collision course with it.

The computer calculation told the collision would be avoided within a hair’s breadth.

One thing people were worried about was possible hydrogen bomb explosions on the earth due to the cosmic ray emitted from Cyphon.

Eventually Cyphon safely passed the earth without incident.

Unbelievably enough though, a monster appeared in the Japan Alps with lost hydrogen bombs swallowed.

Bump in the neck

That was Red King II.

The monster was 20 kilo meters underground when Cyphon passed the earth, which avoided the explosion.

Moreover, the aggressive monster got involved in battles with the other monsters which showed up including Dorako from Cyphon.

A difference in appearance from the first Red King is that Red King II has the white of the eyes though the first one had them all black.

That gave Red KIng II a milder impression than Red King in a way.

And Red King II has a bump in the neck showing swallowed hydrogen bombs.

That means Ultraman cannot use Spaceum Beam on Red King II.



Episode Episode 24: “The Undersea Science Center”
Alias Submarine Monster
Height 50 m
Weight 35,000 t
Emergence Undersea
Homeplace Undersea
Features Drill
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Gubila is a monster dwelling in the deep sea which emerged from underground in the sea.

It destroyed a submarine pipeline with its drill and approached the Undersea Science Center newly built for marine resourse exploitation.

The pipeline Gubila broke was for supplying the center with oxygen.

And four people including Cap. Muramatsu and Hoshino were trapped in the building.

Undersea Science Center

Unaware Gubila was the culprit, Akiko Fuji thought she mistakenly damaged the pipeline by losing control of the SSSP submarine S25  and felt responsible for the accident.

She tried to rescue the trapped people at the risk of being attacked by Gubila and made it in result.

Gubila has a unique appearance similar to a filefish with a drill on the nose.

It didn’t battle with Ultraman in the water.


It came out of the ground with the drill and went into a battle with him on the ground.

It spouts like Gamakugira.

The drill was sturdy enough to bounce off Ultraman’s Ultra Slash.

It’s fun to see the light ring turn around together with the turning drill when rebounded.

It had its drill broken off by Ultraman and exploded with a shot of Spaceum Beam.



Episode Episode 23: “My Home is the Earth”
Alias Planet Dwelling Monster
Height 50 m
Weight 10,000 t
Emergence Japan
Homeplace Earth
Features Breathing out fire; vulnerable to water
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Among the monsters of “Ultraman” or even including the other series, Jamyra (Jamila) is a well-known and unforgettable monster.

Jamyra attacked airplanes and ships with participants for the upcoming International Peace Conference in Tokyo on board by his invisible spacecraft.

The SSSP succeeded in making the spacecraft visible, and Jamyra showed up.

Alan who was dispatched from the SSSP Paris General Headqurter explained to the Japanese equivalent members with a groan.

Jamyra’s spacecraft

“You guys…It’s not a monster. It…No. He was a human like us.”

Jamyra was an astronaut of a certain country who went missing in space in the midst of competitive space exploitation.

He reached a planet and survived there in extreme environments, which made him mutate into a monstrous form.

He rebuilt his rocket over the years and returned to earth vengefully.

Ide sympathized with Jamyra and showed his reluctance to attack the monsterized human.

Alan informed the SSSP members of the General Headquarter’s decision to destroy Jamyra just as a monster.


Ide cried at Jamyra rampaging  and breathing out fire, “You Jamyra! Don’t you have humanity any more?”

Though Ide’s cry stunned Jamyra temporarily, Jamyra appeared at the Peace Conference venue to ruin it.

Jamyra showed strong resistance to flames, but he was vulnerable to water as he came back from a waterless planet.


With Ultra Water Stream sprayed by Ultraman Jamyra eventually fell down to the ground letting out an anguished cry.

The Peace Conference was held safely.

Ide kept standing in front of Jamyra’s tombstone built by the SSSP with the epitaph admiring Jamyra as a contributor to scientific development.

Incidentally I noticed the epitaph engraved in French says Jamila instead of Jamyra.

“This is always the case with victims. They only get a nice word…” Ide groaned.




Episode Episode 22: “Sabotage Terrene”
Alias Vicious Underground Mysterious Human
Height 2 m
Weight 100 kg
Emergence Described as below
Homeplace Underground
Features Wearing sunglasses
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor None
Actor Franz Gruber (X) and the others

Underground humans are a race living 40,000 meters underground.

annemorhim4They began to dwell there due to crustal deformation before the ice ages, which made their eyes vestigial and lost.

They abducted an SSSP member Anne Morhim (I didn’t know her last name till now) dispatched from the SSSP Paris Headquarter to the SSSP Japan Headquarter.

An underground woman disguised as Anne sneaked into the SSSP Japan Headquarter.


She wore sunglasses to hide her vestigial eyes.

Pretending to head for the Paris Headquarter with Hayata on the VTOL, she held him captive in their facility 40,000 meters underground.

The leader figure among them is likely to be described as Underground Man X in the settings.

They hypnotized Hayata and made Telesdon rampage above ground.

Underground man X

They tried to make Hayata transform into Ultraman under hypnosis and serve as the leading soldier for invasion of the world above ground along with Telesdon.

X stated they long looked forward to living under the sun by enslaving humans above ground.

But the underground humans were easily extinguished in the unexpected brightness caused by the Flash Beam coming from Beta Capsule Hayata lit.

Pathetic guys.

With the case solved, real Anne was recaptured.

Real Anne is back