“Seven” without monsters

Commander Robot in his room (Episode 43)

It is known the producers had a hard time with the deteriorating viewer rates and the rising production cost for the latter half of the series of “Ultra Seven.”

As a last-ditch measure, some episodes were produced without suits.

While one of them is Episode 37 “The Stolen Ultra Eye” featuring Maya as previously posted, there is another one ahead which is Episode 33 titled “The Dead Invaders.”

This one is a story about the spirit of dead people (Shadow Man) used for invasion by the unidentified alien which doesn’t appear at all.


He plots colonization of Earth

Episode 43 “Nightmare on Planet 4” directed by Akio Jissoji also features only humans.

To be more correct, they are set as robots just like humans.

Commander Robot and Officer Robot are played by undisguised actors without suits.

It is about Planet 4 where humans are dominated by humanoid robots though identical to Earth in appearance.


Ultra Seven smashes the Earth invasion force of Planet 4

I hear Mr. Jissoji, who co-wrote the script, produced this episode inspired by a Jean-Luc Godard’s movie “Alphaville.” (I haven’t seen it.)

He wanted to realize a science fiction drama with as few SFX props as possible, which he says in his book didn’t do well.

The room where Commander Robot stays is very much surreal.

It is said Mr. Jissoji came up with the idea of the room inspired by Ames Room.

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