The handling of the gloves and boots


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OK, let me resume talking about the suit of Ultraman following yesterday’s post.

The suit of the original Ultraman shows ingenuity of various kinds as posted yesterday.

What is conspicuous is the handling of the gloves and boots of the original (Shodai) Ultraman.

The attempt was made to hide the joint lines around the wrists and ankles with ingenuity to make the suit look seamlessly integrated with the gloves and boots.


The gloves for surgical operation were used for Ultraman, and it seems that they always gave the shooting crew hard times as the gloves were so thin and easy to tear.

As far as the boots are concerned, according to Akira Sasaki, who sculpted Ultraman, it’s likely the shoes-like feet were made of latex initially for A Type and B Type Ultraman.


And the artificial leather boots commercially available were diverted for C Type Ultraman with the soles taken off and replaced because the latex ones were easy to tear and break.

Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, who played Ultraman, says it took about 10 minutes and 5 to 6 people to put on the costume.

The wrist and ankle joint lines were hidden with tapes on them and silver painted on the tapes.

C Type boots

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