50th Anniversary of Ultra


This year 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of Ultra Series since the first product “Ultra Q” started to be broadcast on January 2 in 1966.

And its sequel “Ultraman” got started on July 17 in the same year.

“Ultra Q” marked the start of the legendary Ultra Series, and I think it’s a product worth being more highly valued.


It’s a shame to see it sort of hidden behind the scenes of the Ultra heroes though Ultraman couldn’t exist without “Ultra Q.”

At any rate, it’s a great thing to see the series still so much popular for such a long period of time.

I was four years old when “Ultra Q” got started.

It was actually unbelievable to enjoy watching the series together with my own children when Heisei Trilogy of Ultraman were broadcast in the late 1990s.


Looking back at my life, it’s immeasurable how much fun the Ultra Series has given to me.

It has surely enriched my life , and I’ve been very much appreciative of it.

That’s why I got started with this site to share the fun and excitement with people worldwide.

So, if this site could help you enjoy and learn more about Ultra regardless of a beginner or a seasoned Ultra fan, it would be my greatest pleasure!!!

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