A bit more about Capsule Monsters

Windom and Miclas by Tohl Narita

Windom is set as a monster though it looks like a robot.

It looks like a robot in every respect, but it’s also explained it wears armor which makes it look like a robot.

In terms of molding, it gives us an impression of softness.

But it is not because it is supposed to be a monster, not a robot, but it’s just a matter of molding materials.


Windom and Miclas were designed by Tohl Narita.

Agira was designed by Noriyoshi Ikeya who took over from Mr, Narita.

Mr. Narita says he designed Windom and Miclas in the motif of a horned owl and an Inca mask respectively in his art book.

There are people who point out Miclas looks like a Balinese mask, and I agree with them.

And all of the three were molded by Ryosaku Takayama.

He writes in his diary he had a hard time to mold Windom as it has a complicated appearance.


As a child, I felt Capsule Monsters were reliable friends on our side though not so strong.

In addition to being faithful to Seven, they are likely to have a strong sense of justice.

And they do their utmost in fighting against the enemies though they get crushed to a pulp by the opponent every time.

They are pitiful but lovable ones!

The episode in which they appear are:

Windom: Episode 1, 24, 39 

Miclas: Episode 3, 25

Agira: Episode 32, 46

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