A Tokusatsu Show Almost Forgot: Majin Bander #2

The image of seemingly a record or sonosheet (flexi disc) consisting of “Song of Majin Bander” and “Bander March” borrowed from online

First of all, I have to apologize to you about a mistake I carelessly made in my previous post.

The word “majin” could have two different meanings according to the Chinese characters used for the term. One is “evil human” and the other “evil god” while the two words are pronounced the same way in Japanese.

And this “Majin Bander” is applicable to the latter case. Making an excuse, these two words are often confused even among Japanese. The name “Daimajin” from its famous Daiei tokusatsu movies means “great evil god,” and the name “Mazinger” should have been derived from the term “evil god” as well while both of them are good guys.

Therefore, it might be better to interpret the term “majin” literally representing “evil god” as a character with such mighty power that it could be intimidating.


As to the story of “Majin Bander.” while I don’t remember it at all, it seems to go like this:

Space energy called “Oran” alleged to be some thousands times as much powerful as a hydrogen bomb was stolen from Planet Paron. To get the Oran back, Prince of Paron accompanied by the character named X1 came to the earth along with Majin Bander.

The emergence of the prince with scissors-like hands caused the government to send in the armed police squad to attack them.  Prince called Bander to make it defend him.

In the meantime, the villain Gōdā (maybe Goder or something if put in English) was plotting to conquer the world with the use of Oran. Dr. Tachibana who learnt about the object of Prince of Paron having come to the earth decided to fight with Goder in cooperation with Prince, X1 and Bander.

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  1. As I have told you before that many of tokusatsu series has aired in Thailand since 60’s to 70’s and also majinbanda. But I remember only a little about this serie may be because the series was shortened. In my memory there was a picture of a boy in a helmet and his nippers. Today with search engine I have found the Synopsis of this series. I think some parts of the story are alike tezuka’s majin garon and wonder 3 and some parts of both are alike the 1951 movie “when the earth stood still”. It’s about the alien with his Guardian who came to earth with secret mission.

    1. Thanks for your comments as always, Pisit-san. Above all, it is fun to be able to share such a lot of things with you all the time even beyond time and space!

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