ABOLAS; BANILA (making #1)

Abolas design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: (about Abolas) “I saw a picture of a dinosaur skeleton, and I made the head unlikely to be a skull so as to be attached to Red King’s body.” (about Banila) “I tried to make the sea dragon into a kaiju.”

Although just the head was replaced from Red King with the body as it remained unchanged except the color, it is amazing that Abolas looks totally different from Red King with its impressively shaped head.

Shinichiro Kobayashi known as the “kaiju morphologist” admiringly points out it was very much effective that Red King’s small head was replaced by Abolas’ large head along with the body repainted blue.

Enlarged head part of the above picture

I find Banila designed from the sea dragon looks very much unique and attractive along with the idea of forming a sea dragon into a biped kaiju.

It is a bit shame, however, that, although Banila’s characteristically shaped mouth had a mechanism to perform a movement distinctive from the other kaijus, it wound up not being shown clearly through the screen (I think the mouth opens sideways, not up and down).

It is well known that the Abolas costume was restored back to Red King (II) and the Banila costume was remodeled to Imora that appeared in “Kaiju Booska” with each of their heads removed eventually.

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