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Koji Uenishi, actor for Ultra Seven

Other than the previous post, “Ultra Seven Pictorial” has articles saying Koji Uenishi is good in playing Japanese drums and was dreaming of becoming a baseball player or pilot in his childhood.

It is said Mr. Uenishi, born in Nagasaki Prefecture, was a sword fight arranger and actor belonging to Mifune Production founded by Toshiro Mifune, actor who is well known by Akira Kurosawa’s movies.

According to Wikipedia, it was revealed in 2014 that Mr. Uenishi had already passed away.


According to it, when requested to appear in “Ultra Seven” as suit actor, he was unwilling as he would have to act disguised without his face exposed. (Satoshi Furuya, who played Ultraman, says the same thing. )

But Mr. Uenishi accepted the request with the intention of studying.

He worked on preparation for the role positively, for example, establishing his own style of Ultra Seven unlike Ultraman after he studied Ultraman’s fighting style.


Wikipedia also says, when he visited a facility for disabled children to entertain them as Ultra Seven one day, a boy who had been unable to walk let alone stand up, run up to him.

That made Mr. Uenishi fully aware of how influential a hero could be, and he dropped his prejudice against suit acting since then.

It is really a shame to have learnt Mr. Uenishi is gone.

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