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Dealing with the history of the Ultra Series might make it unavoidable to talk about the show “Ultra Fight” as referred to in my previous post (about Keylla).

“Ultra Fight” was a five-minute long tokusatsu show (I am not sure how much appropriate it is to call this show tokusatsu) aired from 1970 to 1971 with 196 episodes at 5:30 pm from Monday through Friday in the same time slot on TBS.

Tsuburaya Productions was in a financial crisis back then as their “Mighty Jack” that started broadcasting with a lot of fanfare failed to win so much popularity as expected.

“produced by Tsuburaya Productions”

“Kaiki Daisakusen” that started after “Ultraseven” ended was also shortened than originally planned by judgement of TBS on the ground that it ended up gaining a lower viewership than the Ultra Series while the average rating itself alleged to have been 22.0% should have been fair enough even by the standards at that time.

Meanwhile, “Ultra Fight” started being produced as Hajime Tsuburaya, Eiji’s first son, took an initiative suggesting to work out a show with little expense.

Although it was planned to make each edited episode a five-minute long show in the first place extracting only the battle scenes between Ultraman/Ultraseven and a kaiju from the shows “Ultraman” and “Ultraseven,” as they found fewer battle scenes were long enough for the new show than they had thought, many newly shot episodes were added to the series while each part is described today as the “extracted episodes (71 episodes)” and “newly shot episodes (125 episodes)” respectively.

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  1. For the 50th anniversary of Ultra Seven, the official Tsuburaya YouTube channel is showing all of the Ultra Fight episodes! It looks they are releasing one episode each day. Search for “Tsuburaya Prod. Official Channel” on YouTube. Let’s enjoy Ultra Fight this year!

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