Akakage (Red Shadow) Is A Lot Of Fun!

From left: Shirokage, Akakage and Aokage

In addition to the Ultra Series, I also enjoyed the other SFX TV series in my childhood.

One of them is Akakage (Red Shadow).

It’s a series officially titled Kamen-no-ninja (Masked Ninja) Akakage produced by Toei Company and aired on Fuji Television Network from 1967 through 1968 based on a manga created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama.

As the title shows, it a TV show  featuring SFX ninja action and classified as an SFX period drama.


As you can see, the series was aired around the same time as Ultraman and Ultraseven, and I love Akakage as well.

It features three ninja fighters, Akakage, Aokage (Blue Shadow) and Shirokage (White Shadow) who cooperate in fight against evil.

Akakage is a masked ninja who looks so cool, and Aokage, as a boy ninja, gained popularity among us around the same age.

Above all, the series is full of crazy things such as a huge robot, a flying object like UFO, modern-looking mechanical devices or gigantic monsters which appeared with historical studies neglected.


The ninjutsu (ninja techniques) they use are also amazing such as flying almost freely in the air.

But I love the absurdities which are a lot of fun.

Akakage was produced by late Toru Hirayama, renowned producer of Toei Company who is well known among Japanese Tokusatsu fans for the SFX TV dramas he produced such as Captain Ultra, Giant Robo, Kamen Rider, Kikaider and so on.

Under the brand name of Ultra the Tsuburaya products were expected to be thoroughly orthodox one way or another.

But the Toei crew produced their products thinking outside the box which was their unique attraction.

Agon, my favorite kaiju appearing in Akakage

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