Episode Episode 19: Project Blue
Alias (self-proclaimed) King of Universe
Height 2 – 40 meters
Weight 80 kilograms – 5,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Bado
Features Unfairness
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Art crew
Actor Haruyoshi Nakamura;  Yukikatsu Okita (trampoline performer)
Voice Ryuji Saikachi

Alien Bado, whose name should have derived from the English term bad, is the alien who attempted to thwart the Project Blue.

It’s the project to defend Earth with the use of the Earth Defense Barrier wrapping up the entire planet and the Moon which was to prevent aliens from coming in if completed.

So Alien Bado tried to obtain the important data on the project by abducting Dr. Miyabe, pivotal figure of the project.

Claiming to be the King of the Universe, he boasted that they had come to the Solar System when Earth was still a fireball and that they had destroyed the intelligent life living only on Pluto then.

Partially completed Earth Defense Barrier

He stated they would not allow any intelligent species other than them to exist and declared to attack Earth this time.

As the name shows, they are cunning and cowardly aliens.

They threatened the life of Grace, Dr. Miyabe’s wife, to make him confess where he had hidden the important data on his project.

In the battle with Ultraseven, he also played dirty tricks such as attacking with brass knuckles abruptly while pretending to surrender.

Deserving what he did, he died vomiting blood with his head hit hard on a rock when thrown by Ultraseven. Alien Bado just looked bad.

Dr. Miyabe and Grace

Ultraseven rescued Dr Miyabe and brought the bomb Alien Bado planted to destroy Earth to space safely.

That makes us wonder why Alien Bado wanted to get the project data while they had managed to install such a bomb.

But the magnificent concept of the Project Blue is just like Ultraseven as a science fiction drama.

At the end of the episode it was found Dr. Miyabe had hidden his project data where it’s least expected.

“Ultraseven, Dan is missing.” Anne spoke to Ultraseven worriedly while Dr. Miyabe and Grace were hugging happily

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