Baltan appearing in Science Center
Episode Episode 2 “Blast the Invaders”
Alias Space Ninja
Emergence Science Center
Height micro level – 50 m (164 ft)
Weight 0 – 15,000 t (33,070,000 lb)
Homeplace Planet Baltan
Features •Flight ability at the speed of Mach 5

•Red freezing beam (when human-sized)

•White light bullet (when giganticized)

Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Tamotsu Sato
Actor Takeshi Sato

Alien Baltan is the first enemy alien featured in “Ultraman.”

It’s not that they came to earth for invasion initially.

According to the narration, their home planet Planet Baltan exploded due to a nuclear experiment conducted by a scientist Baltan who went crazy.

Baltan’s spaceship

Two billion thirty million Baltans got away from the disaster on space travel by chance.

Traveling through space for a habitable planet, they came close to earth.

Then, as their spaceship lost its “gravity force balance,” they came by on earth to fix the disorder.

According to Baltan’s statement, the other Baltans stay asleep almost in the size of bacteria in their invisible spaceship leaving only him normal in size.

It was also revealed they had no idea corresponding to “life.”

Baltan’s cast-off??

When human-sized, he appeared and disappeared freely and showed his shadow clone technique (known as bunshin-no-jutsu in Japanese), which makes him deserve the alias of ninja.

And he froze people with a red beam from the nippers.

He makes sounds like a human laughter.

Baltan unilaterally stated they would get earth and started to attack night cities after giganticizing.

Attacked by the nuclear missile Hagetaka (buzzard), another Baltan showed up from the dead body as if an insect casts off the skin.

They dislike Spaceum supposed to exist on Mars in the drama.

Shadow clone technique of Baltan

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