ALIEN BALTAN II; III (making #1)

Alien Baltan design drawn by Tohl Narita

It is not that the costume of Alien Baltan II (and III) was sculpted based on a new design drawn by Tohl Narita as a character with a different appearance from the first Alien Baltan.

It is said that the costume of the first Baltan was in an unusable state allegedly because of deterioration as the costume could possibly have been used at stage shows.

Along with the eyes that light up, rotate and move sideways just like the first Baltan, Baltan II has a luminescent section over the V-shaped part on the head with the color changing from white to red alternately.

Alien Baltan II

While it is known (it was learnt quite recently actually) that the first Baltan costume was sculpted by Tamotsu Sato who was with Shimada Workshop that was involved in film art for Toho movies, Baltan II was sculpted by Akira Sasaki who made the masks of the original Ultraman and Ultraseven.

As to the sculpture, Sasaki says, “I don’t think I had any particular reason for having made it look thinner than the first Baltan. If anything, I think I made it look more like Narita’s design.”

It is truly a shame that there is little record available about the costume of Alien Baltan II including pictures showing the sculpting process, images of its front, side and back views (to be shot at the back of the Bisen studio) or still photos as it is said that people including publishers were likely to have thought the same costume as the first Baltan would be used naturally for the filming with no one ready for the new costume sculpted by Sasaki to be featured.

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