Episode Episode 16: “Science Special Search Party into Space”
Alias Space Ninja
Height micro level – 50 m
Weight 0 – 15,000 t
Emergence Planet R & earth
Homeplace Planet Baltan
Features See below
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Akira Sasaki
Actor Masanao Hishiki

Alien Baltan who appeared in Episode 2 of “Ultraman” is back!

The alien usually described as Alien Baltan II in publication (described just as Alien Baltan in the drama) had new features the first one didn’t have such as:

1. Spelgen Reflector in the chest to reflect back Speceum Beam

2. Gravity Force Storm caused by the nippers

3. Llight Wave Barrier Shield

Baltan reflected back Spaceum Beam with his Spelgen Reflector

On the other hand, the SSSP used the Space VTOL developed in cooperation with Dr. Iwamoto and Mars 133 for the first time.

Mars 133

Mars 133 is a new weapon Ide developed which is described to be as powerful as Speceum Beam in publication.

Ultraman also showed his new techniques, Ultra Slash, teleportation and Ultra Eye Spot.

All of the above made this episode full of features.

Spaceum Beam sprayed on their spacecraft by Ultraman in Episode 2 destroyed most of the aliens.

Baltan caused a gravity force storm

The survivors escaped to Planet R, and they decided  to invade earth again and take revenge on Ultraman.

They plotted to lure the SSSP including Hayata to Planet R and then to attack earth at the same time.

In result, Baltan who appeared on Planet R was slashed into two in mid air by Ultra Slash.

And Ultraman teleported back to earth immediately at the risk of extremely shortening his life.

The other Balatan on earth successfully blocked Ultra Slash with the Light Wave Barrier Shield but had it disabled by Ultra Eye Spot.

And he was also slashed into two by Ultra Slash in mid air.

For those who are aware of the difference in appearance between Baltan II and the first Baltan, see here.

Light Wave Barrier Shield

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