Alien Baltan (making 1)

Alien Baltan is one of the most popular monsters throughout Ultra/Ultraman Series even now.

But it seems Tohl Narita was not so much emotionally attached to Alien Baltan.

According to his statement in life he just designed it to meet the request made by Toshihiro Iijima, director.

Iijima asked Narita to give nippers like a crayfish to Cicada Man of “Ultra Q” who controlled Garamon in the drama.


Narita should have been unwilling to design a recycled monster.

His description of Baltan simply as Cicada Man with nippers in his art book might also show it.

Assuming an intelligent life form should not have such nipper-like hands, he drew the artwork with human-like hands first, and it was rejected.

And then he drew Baltan with rather small nippers, but the finished costume eventually had huge ones as you know and see now, maybe, at Iijima’s request.


It’s also explained Toru Matoba, SFX director, came up with the idea of Cicada Man with nippers and he liked it, which makes us confused.

It remained unknown for long who sculpted the first Baltan.

Now it’s said Tamotsu Sato, involved in the artwork for Toho at the time, did the job.

As to the making of  this alien, it has lots of enigmas despite the popularity.

The thing is it was a product dating back to 50 years ago and no one imagined the series would remain popular for so long at the time.

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