Episode Episode 18: Escape from Area X
Alias Sound Wave Mysterious Man
Height 60 meters
Weight 18,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Bell
Features Capturing prey by creating the mock-up space
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Alien Bell is the alien who created the mock-up space in the atmosphere of the Earth.

He captured humans who wandered into the space like a spider waiting for prey by creating a cobweb.

Following the underground city of U-tom, what the mock-up space is for was not explained at all.

According to Staff Officer Manabe’s line, a passenger plane was captured in the mock-up space created by Alien Bell a few years ago when he was with the TDF Washington.


He said the space and captured plane were not found despite their desperate search with 200 members of the TDF mobilized.

In the mock-up space which looks like a jungle dwell terrible, creepy creatures including Space Spider Gumonga, the carnivorous plants like Suflan of Ultraman and the oddly shaped blood-sucking ticks.

Alien Bell annoyed humans by emitting the mysterious sound waves ringing like a bell sound which put their brain waves out of order including Dan/Seven with a superhuman hearing ability.

Alien Bell has the Gumonga-like shell on the back

Alien Bell also used the shadow cloning technique and showed the flying ability.

In the mock-up space the aggressive alien fought a good fight against Ultraseven including an aerial battle.

But, after he was hit by Ultraseven with Spiral Beam in mid air and hurled into the swamp, he disappeared along with the mock-up space.

Alien Bell had the transparent shell shaped like Gumonga on the back somehow as his charming feature.

On the whole, Alien Bell was the alien who made us wonder what he wanted to do.

Spiral Beam

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