ALIEN BORG (making) #1

Alien Borg illustration drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “Pitt, Shaplay, Cannan and Borg are a series of aliens with abstract forms. I had the armor and helmet in mind for Alien Borg. This type of alien has to be made of metal, or at least metallic parts should be applied to its large part to realize the image. I thought of bringing the costume sculpted by Takayama to the model factory Gunji to complete it, but I gave up the idea.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the design of Alein Borg drawn by Narita doesn’t remain in existence, and his illustration of the alien is covered in one of his art books instead.

Alien Borg is one of my favorite aliens with excellent looks while it is also fun that it is set to be a female alien although she looks so masculine with the armor-and-helmet-like appearance.

Alien Borg costume at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May

While the design is supposed to be based on the armor, I find it so fascinating that Narita’s sculptural ideas were incorporated into every part of the design including the thin lines patterned all over the body. The head with the crest-like rises and radiating lines instead of the eyes are also very much unique and attractive. The asymmetrically shaped shoulder protectors are fun to see as well.

It is said that Alien Borg was originally designed as Kacchū-Ningen (Armor Human) that was to appear in the rejected episode titled “Vengence of 300 Years” written by Shozo Uehara. Kacchū-Ningen seems to have been set as the butler who serves Alien Tōku (maybe Tawk or something if spelled in English) in the episode left unrealized.

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