Alien Buraco design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “I had been wanting to create an alien, not a stylish but an unpleasant one.”

As to Alien Buraco, it is perceived that Narita was apparently influenced by aliens drawn by Edd Cartier. It is certain that Alien Buraco looks outstandingly like a weirdly-shaped alien with a monstrous appearance represented by the head positioned at the lower part of the body compared to the other characters designed by Narita throughout the series from Ultra Q through Ultraseven.

While the costume was made so that the actor could pop out his arms from inside, the groaning alien with its body trembling looked so creepy along with the bizarre story in which women were targeted by the aliens as the bed for spores, staple food eaten by the aliens.

Alien Buraco at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May

Although I personally like the alien’s bluish emerald green eyes that could have diluted the weirdness of the alien, I remember I sort of hated this episode when I was a kid because I found it instinctively creepy (including the spore depicted to be inflating with beats).

While the plot development in which Kiriyama already knew Ultraseven was trying to head for Saturn to obtain Radiation Alpha 73 seemed unnatural, the script is likely to have had a scene of Ultraseven, after Hawk 3 flown by Dan was shot down by Alien Buraco’s spacecraft, getting back to the TDF Base to fetch the special capsule containing Radiation Alpha 73 and flying away.

Chances are that, as this scene was left out, it ended up making Kiriyama’s quote sound somewhat abrupt.

Alien Buraco at the Bisen studio

Along with Episode 21 prior to this Episode 22, the two episodes were filmed by the tokusatsu staff with the drama part included, not only the tokusatsu part.

It is said that it was a considerate arrangement that allowed the tokusatsu staff to work under the blue sky with fresh air. The filming location for the two episodes was Shimoda, Izu, known as a beach resort, and they were filmed with the cooperation of a resort hotel named Hamano Hotel (it seems that it doesn’t exist anymore) as credited in the opening credits.

As the hotel is said to have been located just across from a rest house that belonged to TBS, all of these might have been included in the considerate arrangement.

I find the alien’s mechanical-looking spacecraft was also impressive.

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