Episode Episode 22: The Human Ranch
Alias Space Mysterious Man
Height 2 meters
Weight 170 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Buraco
Features Planting spores on human females
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki; Sadao Haruhara (now Hikaru Otsuki)

Alien Buraco is the alien who came to Earth to secure their food supply.

While they feed on particular red spores as their staple food, they found human females suitable as the beds for raising their favorite spores because female hormones were good with them.

So the aliens plotted to make human females ‘the human ranch’ for their food supply.

The emerald green eyes of the ugly alien stand out beautifully

They managed to plant the spores on Anne and Ruriko, one of her friends, leaving them unconscious.

As a kid all this story was too difficult to understand, but I remember the scenes in which Alien Buraco came ashore in the darkness of the night were so horrifying.

Buraco’s appearance and his groans were so creepy and scary, and his spacecraft emerging from undersea also looked so weird in the darkness.

Anne & Ruriko affected by the spores planted on them

As Radiation Alpha 37 contained in minerals on Saturn is to destroy the spores, Ultraseven tried to get there for it.

But it must be done within 15 hours to save the lives of Anne and Ruriko.

Although Ultraseven was temporarily captured by a fleet of Buraco’s spacecrafts with their net-like beam, the Ultra Hawk 1 freed him.

Exchanging salutes with the Ultra Garrison members, Seven headed for Saturn, and I love this scene which makes Seven look more like the 7th member of the UG.

Seven exchanging salutes with the UG on the Hawk 1

Buraco’s fleet was wiped out by the Ultra Hawk 1, and Anne and Yuriko were also saved happily at last.

Come to think of it, Alien Buraco appeared only for a short while and, as he was beaten by Captain Kiriyama with his Ultragun, he didn’t even fight against Ultraseven.

But I think this episode is still enjoyable enough.

I also love the scenes shot with the use of the miniature Pointer in which the vehicle hovered over the sea surface in search of Buraco’s spacecraft in the darkness.

It’s fantastic!

Pointer traveling over the sea surface

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