Alien Cannan design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “This is an alien design as a variation descended from Alien Pitt and Alien Shaplay.”

It was a bit shame that Alien Cannan only appeared rather fleetingly and that they only wore clothes for the body part instead of full-costumes without showing their whole bodies just staying in their spacecraft disguised as a light house.

But I think the design and sculpture of Alien Cannan’s head were fabulous with its form that makes me feel like it is an abstract sculpture work that has no unneeded features while the three heads of the alien were sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama.

Alien Cannan heads sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama at his Atelier May

Just like Alien Shaplay, it came in the form of having the lower part of their heads with an organic feel shown beneath the mechanical top part while I think the expression and sculpture applied to the eyes are just excellent.

While it may remind us of Kamen Rider from today’s standpoint, Alien Cannan designed by Narita came far ahead of Kamen Rider as the show “Kamen Rider” started airing in 1971.

Even though it had been said that these aliens were played by actresses as they were voiced as such, Tetsuo Yamamura assumes they were acted by male actors.

Alien Cannan heads and Ryosaku Takayama with a big smile (I love this picture!)

There is an explanation that, given the ends of the heads that should be tucked into their clothes are found to have been laid over them, the heads were made according to the measurements taken from actresses so that the ends turned out to be exposed over the clothes as the small-sized heads were just barely worn by male actors possibly because the actresses to wear the costumes became unavailable or something.

Featuring Windom with its electronic brain disordered by a beam attack fired from the aliens’ spacecraft instead of a newly designed and sculpted space monster to be manipulated by the aliens should indicate the difficulties the staff suffered back then in terms of cost and time although, nevertheless, the story that unfolded centering on Furuhashi (and his mother) might have successfully made the episode attractive enough.

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