Episode Episode 24: Return to the North!
Alias Aurora Mysterious Man
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 62 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Cannan
Features Hiding in a lighthouse-shaped rocket
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (three heads)
Actor Unknown
Voice Yoko Yano

Alien Cannan is the alien who tried to conquer the Arctic.

It seems that their home planet is set to be environmentally similar to the Arctic Circle though it’s not described as such in the drama.

They act behind the scenes based in a rocket disguised as a lighthouse placed in the North Pole. (Come to think of it, such a lighthouse seems to be quite unnatural if any.)

They made aircraft flying around the area crash into each other including a civil airplane and a TDF patrol aircraft by making them get out of control with an aurora-like beam emitted from the rocket.

Dan tried to investigate the suspicious lighthouse by using Windom

The Ultra Hawk 3 Furuhashi flew for investigation was also caught in the aurora and got out of control while an airplane (also out of control) with 300 passengers was approaching the Hawk on the collision course.

Furuhashi tried to bail out after activating the self-destruction mechanism of the Hawk 3, but the bailout device didn’t work.

Alien Cannans (three of them appeared, all females) just stayed on in the rocket, never became giants, never battled with Ultraseven.

They just made Capsule Monster Windom fight against Seven by putting his electronic brain out of order with a shot of a red beam.

Ultraseven brought Windom back to normal, but Windom was easily beaten with a blue beam fired from the rocket.

Although the aliens tried to escape into the sky then, the rocket was smashed in mid air by Ultraseven with Wide Shot eventually.

The collision between the Hawk 3 and passenger plane managed to be avoided by a hair’s breadth as the aurora the aliens created vanished with the self-destruction deactivated.

This episode mainly features the human drama between Furuhashi and his mother who came from his birthplace Hokkaido to persuade him to resign the Ultra Garrison and to take over the family-owned pasture back at home.

I find it moving and worth watching.

Furuhashi’s mother from Hokkaido who came to take his son back home

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