Episode Episode 9: Android Zero Directive
Alias Brains Alien
Height 2 meters
Weight 500 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Chibull
Features Acting in disguise of a street vendor selling toys
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor None (puppet)
Human Form Kenjiro Uemura

Alien Chibull is set as an alien who is so smart with almost the entire body made of the brain.

Mutating into a gentle, kind-looking old man vending toys on a cart, he attempted to provide children with real firearms disguised as toys and the patches embedded with a hypnosis device.

He plotted to make those children into an army to attack adults with their firearms.

The patches to control children by hypnosis frequency waves and the weapons are to be enabled at midnight, which is what the Android Zero Directive is all about.


The old man is accompanied by an android girl he built.

He tried to make her kill Dan, but it failed.

Although the old man and the android girl cornered Dan and Soga, Dan transformed into Ultraseven after making Soga faint with a single blow.

The man and the android were cornered by Ultraseven in return, and he showed his true identity as Alien Chibull with the android destroyed with Emerium Beam.


The alien who was utterly inferior in combat strength despite his supposedly high intelligence was also finished off with Emerium Beam with his plot averted at last.

To be honest, I personally don’t like this setting of making children killers controlled by an alien.

Excluding it, I like this episode featuring the horrifying android girl and the attractive alien with the lovely pink lips.  🙂

Incidentally, the name Chibull derives from an Okinawan term chiburu which means head. (This episode is written by Shozo Uehara who is from Okinawa along with Tetsuo Kinjo, main screenwriter for the series.)


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