Alien designs for Ultra Seven

Alien Pitt

“As far as designs of aliens are concerned, you have to get them out of your head as there’s nothing that give you a clue or can be used as a reference.”

“In the case of Zetton, I designed it wishing to give it a strong sense of space by black and silver.”

As to Zetton, Thol Narita says this way in his art book.

Alien Mefilas and Zetton should have been Mr. Narita’s ambitious works in an attempt to develop a new style of design for aliens.


Alien Goddra

Mr. Narita embarked on designing a greater variety of aliens for Tsuburaya’s next product “Ultra Seven.”

It seems Alien Pitt among them was Mr. Narita’s favorite.

He says this way about it:

“When you come right down to it, I took a hint from dragonflies.

I really like the alien whose abstract shape was finalized well.”


Alien Pegassa

Alien Goddora and Alien Pegassa represent the alien designs for “Ultra Seven.”

He says as below about Godora, also referring to Pegassa as “a variation developed from Goddora. ”

“I regard it (Goddra) as the basic style of designs for aliens in ‘Ultra Seven.’

The style with the eyes on top of the body is used for Alien Pegassa as well.

It didn’t have the nippers initially as it got them right before the shooting.”

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