Episode Episode 48 & 49: The Greatest Invasion in History
Alias Ghost Mysterious Man
Height 2 meters
Weight 70 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Ghose
Features The greatest invaders in history
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (only heads)
Actor Miki Ikeshima (Ghose commander; he says he doesn’t remember playing Alien Ghose in a recent book interview)
Voice Unknown (processed voice)

Alien Ghose are the aliens who tried to invade Earth by building their base in the underground of Mt. Kumagatake.

They were the enemies who directly assaulted the Far East Base of the TDF for the first time ever in history.

The aliens moved forward with their invasion plots calling in their spaceships including the Space Carrier to bring in kaiju Pandon.


With their underground missiles ready to be launched, they held Amagi captive with their Ghose Balloon and demanded for the human race’s surrender through the UG member under hypnosis. (It seems that they don’t speak human languages.)

They stated the human race would be allowed to live in underground cities on Mars with the living guaranteed in exchange for surrender adding that they would attack the major capitals of the world with their underground missiles against their will otherwise.

It turned out to be the greatest invasion in history on an unprecedented scale putting the human race’s fate at stake.


While the aliens’ underground missiles inflicted enormous damage on some of the major world cities and their direct attacks on the Far East Base left the TDF’s superweapons unable to be used, the TDF figured out Alien Ghose’s underground base beneath the mountain at last.

In the end, the aliens were wiped off with the explosion of the unmanned autopilot Magmarizer loaded with a time bomb that stormed underground into the aliens’ base.

After rescuing Amagi before the explosion, Ultraseven made his last-ditch stand against kaiju Pandon.


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