Goddra design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “I think of it as the basic style of “Ultraseven” aliens. I also applied the style with the eyes positioned on top of the head to Alien Pegassa. It did’t have the nippers for its hands initially as they were attached before the shooting.”

Alien Goddora is an impressive “Ultraseven” alien with his nippers reminiscent of Alien Baltan although Goddora’s are much smaller, but, as Narita says, he had no nippers first until he got them on the set presumably by the staff’s judgement.

The costume at Takayama’s Atelier May

As the nippers seem to be described as Goddora Gun in the settings, that makes me imagine he may have his real hands beneath the firearms.

Given Narita was against having Alien Baltan get the nippers that he thought could make the alien look unrealistic as he assumed highly intelligent aliens should not have such hands like nippers, the idea of dealing with Goddora’s nippers as weapons attached to his hands might be appropriate.

As Narita describes, the design drawn by him and the Goddora costume photographed at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May surely have no nippers.

The costume at the Bisen studio

It is said that only the head was cast out of a mold when being sculpted, which should probably mean the body was modeled by directly putting urethane and latex onto it.

I think the design of Goddora is very much well-organized with its abstract form while I read somewhere before someone pointed out it was possibly incorporated from the cross section of a spiral sea shell as shown on the sides of its head.

It is fun to see him look like he wears a red vest, and Goddora’s white and red colors coordinate with the dress and gloves worn by the woman the alien transformed into.

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