Episode Episode 44: The Terrifying Super-Simian
Alias Space Ape Man
Height 35 meters
Weight 8,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Goron
Features Manipulating opponents’ brain waves
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Art crew of Tsuburaya Productions
Actor Toshihiko Saikyo
Voice Koji Yada (processed voice)

Alien Goron is the ape-like alien who disguised himself as a golden lion tamarin kept in the Monkey Land.

Manipulated by the alien, Dr. Mayama and his assistant Tamiko of the zoo made a zookeeper into an ape man, Gorry.

In use of their device Brain Waves Converter they are capable to turn the human brain into the equivalent of the ape to create an ape human with the ape’s brain and the human body.

Alien Goron plotted to invade Earth by making all the human race into ape humans.

Alien Goron’s creepy eyes

Dr. Mayama and Tamiko tried to turn Anne into an ape woman with the converter, but Gorry who got to like Anne attempted to take her away by disrupting the execution.

After Dan saw through their invasion plot, Alien Goron showed his true colors (it seems that Dan had already known Alien Goron).

The alien fires Brain Waves Beam from his eyes disturbing an opponent’s brain waves while he’s also capable to make himself invisible to hide away.


Taking advantage of his strong power, Alien Goron had a good fight against Ultraseven.

But he was smashed into pieces with Emerium Beam after he got exhausted while dodging the Ultraseven’s consecutive and random hand shots.

With the alien’s defeat Dr. Mayama and Tamiko came to themselves, and Anne who was chased around by Gorry was also rescued by the other Ultra Garrison members safely.

I have to admit that I didn’t find the ape-like alien so much attractive personally, but the costume with the actor’s eyes left uncovered, the alien’s creepy voice and the fierce fight with Ultraseven were impressive enough.

Concentrated fire of hand shots

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