Episode Episode 39 & 40: The Seven Assassination Plan
Alias Alter Ego Alien
Height 2 – 40 meters
Weight 200 kilograms – 10,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Guts
Features Leaving Ultraseven bound to a cross
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Toshihiko Saikyo; Miki Ikeshima
Voice Unknown

Alien Guts are the aliens who proudly described themselves as invincible aliens who had never lost any fights.

They plotted to put Ultraseven to death before the eyes of earthlings and invade Earth by breaking down their morale.

As described in the post on Aron, they analyzed Ultraseven’s capabilities in advance by initially making him fight against the monster they manipulated.

Bewildered with the hallucination attacks (to create alter egos like shadow cloning) of Alien Guts fully aware of Ultraseven’s weak point (action limitation), Ultraseven fell into their hands.

Trapped Ultraseven at dusk

He got trapped in a transparent cross-like container, and Alien Guts proclaimed that Ultraseven was going to be executed at dawn.

In the meantime the Ultra Garrison picked up mysterious radio waves, and Amagi found they were coming from Ultraseven’s brain to tell them that the lack of Magnerium (not magnesium) Energy had left him unable to move.

The energy can be obtained from dymode (I’m not sure how it should be spelled in English) mineral (fictionally).

After the contest over the mineral with Alien Guts, the UG managed to extract Magnerium Energy out of it.

Although they tried to expose Ultraseven to the energy by delivering a beam shot aimed at his Beam Lamp, Ultraseven they were seeing in mid air was revealed to be just an illusion.

The beam shot fired from Magmarizer revived Ultraseven

While the proclaimed execution time was approaching, the UG discovered real Ultraseven left lying on the cliff side.

And the beam shot fired from the Magmirizer that dashed its way out of underground (I find it so cool!) revived the hero.

Ultraseven who recovered energy (he charged more energy flying close to the Sun) smashed Alien Guts’ spacecraft with the aliens aboard in panic with his Ultra Knock Tactics (while laying Eye Slugger in mid air, striking it with an intense beam shot from behind to let the space boomerang hit the opponent more violently).

Guts’ spacecraft driven out with Ultraseven’s beam attacks

Alien Guts are formidable aliens remaining in our memory who went so far as to drive an Ultra hero to the wall for the first time though it’s not a final episode.

The exciting plot development that keeps us in suspense throughout the two-parted episode is so attractive.

Their transparent cross and spacecraft should show the traces of the aliens having been called Alien Surraga (the reverse of garasu meaning glass in Japanese) during the preparation period in producing the episode.

Ultra Knock Tactics

2 thoughts on “ALIEN GUTS”

  1. This two part episode is another one of my favorite parts of Ultraseven, and it was a close call for him and humanity! Of course, I have some toy items representative of this. I find having the toys is like having mementos and art (as they are art!).

    1. Yes, they are definitely art! That’s what has made the shows so much attractive and why I’ve loved them for so long!

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