Episode Episode 47: Who Are You?
Alias Group Aliens
Height 1.8 – 40 meters
Weight 65 kilograms – 10,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Huk
Features Plotting to invade Earth based on a housing complex
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (three heads)
Actor Unknown
Human Form Miki Sanjo (Sato’s wife); Takashi Fujimoto (Sato’s son); Toshio Matsumoto (police officer); Hiroshi Kiyama (Hayashi); Debuko Oyama (Yamada)

Alien Huk (pronounced like ‘hook’ in Japanese) are the aliens who plotted to invade Earth based on the Fukuroh Danchi (Owl Housing Complex) in Tokyo.

They went on with their invasion plots steadily while replacing the entire housing complex by theirs that exactly resembled the real one including residents they disguised themselves as to the life.

Whereas the nocturnal aliens’ complex was hidden underground during the daytime, it showed up in place for the real one late at night leaving the real residents unaware of it under hypnosis and making the building exchange invisible to human eyes.


Sato (played by Akiji Kobayashi), one of the residents, who realized something wrong was going on when he got home late in the night after work got held captive by the aliens soon after he had reported to the Ultra Garrison about the ongoing strangeness.

The aliens’ plots were revealed by Dan and Furuhashi who started investigating the complex.

Three of Alien Huk fought against Ultraseven in a group, and their agility bewildered him in the darkness.


But, extremely vulnerable to intense light as they are nocturnal, the aliens were beaten in the end exposed to the spark of Ultraseven’s entire body and the diffused version of Wide Shot.

I found it so scary to see the residents who were usually personable including even Sato’s wife and son say they didn’t know Sato.

Alien Huk with no features on their faces except the design like straw-roped patterns of Japanese ancient earthenware are also very much creepy.

Incidentally, the movements of Alien Huk’s mouth is not by the inside mechanism but seemingly by the jaw of the inside actor taking advantage of the softness of the head.


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