Episode Episode 10: The Suspicious Neighbor
Alias Another Dimension Alien
Height 2.5 – 40 meters
Weight 300 kilograms – 18,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Icarus
Features Attacking from the fourth dimensional space
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki
Human Form Ren Yamamoto

Alien Icarus is the alien from the 17th Planet: Planet Icarus.

He plotted to invade the Earth by attacking from the fourth dimensional space with a front line base to be built there which is totally beyond the reach of the TDF.

Disguised as a human, he happened to hide in a home next door to the vacation home of Ritsuko Mizuno, one of Anne’s friends, and her younger brother Akira.

The neighbor’s odd behaviors and a fourth dimensional phenomenon which occurred in the area aroused Akira’s suspicion.

Human form Icarus in the fourth dimensional space with the dimension control device in front

Trapped in the fourth dimensional field, Dan tried to transform into Ultraseven and also to make a Capsule Kaiju appear by hurling one of the capsules, but nothing happened there.

As it’s often referred to, that means Dan ended up losing one of the monsters he had, which makes people wonder what kind of monster was supposed to be there in the capsule.

Thinking of it will surely keep you awake all night.  🙂

With the dimension control device destroyed by Dan, the alien showed his true identity as Giant Icarus (There are no scenes having him human-sized).

Arrow Beam

Although he attacked Ultraseven with the Arrow Beam, he was defeated being hit by Eye Slugger in the belly and hurled over the mountain by Ultra Psychokinesis.

It’s interesting to find he looks more like a beast-like kaiju than an intelligent alien.

His bat-like face is so cute, and his characteristically funny gestures flapping the big ears also make him look charming.

The depiction of his Arrow Beam scorching the mountain fields is fabulous, and I like it!

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