Episode Episode 13: The Man from V3
Alias Space Bird Man
Height micro – 30 meters
Weight 0 – 130,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Iyros
Features Strong enough to make Ultraseven use Wide Shot for the first time in the series
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki
Voice Koji Yada (heard from the spaceship, not from the creature)

Alien Iyros (also found to be spelled as Ayros) came to the Earth on his spaceship after a battle with the TDF Space Station V3 which found it.

His spaceship shot down two of the three Station Hawks and landed on the Earth.

On the Earth it also shot down the Ultra Hawk 1 and the Station Hawk 1 flown by Captain Kurata which came chasing the spaceship.

Having captured Furuhashi and Amagi who were on board of the Hawk 1 and faked them, Iyros tried to make them steal the solid fuels from the TDF Base.

Iyros appeared out of this capsule in ecplosion

But the plot was thwarted by Dan.

Instead, Alien Iyros demanded for the fuels in exchange for Furuhashi and Amagi held hostage.

When the Ultra Garrison accepted the demand and got the fuels ready, the alien broke his promise and started attacking the UG.

After Furuhashi and Amagi were rescured by Ultraseven (life-sized), the creature alleged to be Alien Iyros showed up and battled with Ultraseven (giant).

Breathing out beam shots, the legless creature, which looks like the mixture of a longicorn beetle and a bird, was an aggressive and  formidable enemy Emeruim Beam and Eye Slugger had no effect on.


But he was beaten with Wide Shot Ultraseven used for the first time in the series.

His spacecraft was also destroyed by the Hawk 1 and 3 Captain Kiriyama and Captain Kurata flew respectively with their combination attack.

Given he emerged from a capsule conveyed by a manipulator out of the spaceship and he looks more like a monster, it’s pointed out the creature could be the space monster controlled by Alien Iyros.

This is such a big issue that I can’t go about my work!

Seven posing to shoot Wide Shot

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