Episode Episode 28: The 700 Kilometer Run!
Alias Invasion Alien
Homeplace Planet Kill
Features Manipulating Dino-tank; acting only in human forms
Actor Akio Nojima and others

Alien Kills are the aliens who manipulated Dino-tank and just appeared in human forms leaving their true appearances unknown.

When the TDF tried to transport the high explosive Spiner by air to bring it to the testing site, they assaulted the airplane.

At Dan’s suggestion he himself described as ‘good idea’ the Ultra Garrison attempted to convey the Spiner by slipping into a rally (because Dan just saw a rally movie while dating with Anne and found it exciting…).

Dan and Amagi ended up participating in the rally with the Spiner carefully loaded in their rally vehicle.


Alien Kills themselves were in the rally as participants and tried to interrupt the transport of the Spiner persistently.

They use ‘conventional’ firearms and equipment such as a motorcycle, machine guns or helicopters and vanished emitting reddish light when shot dead by Dan.

The thing is, Amagi had a phobia against explosives (he also has a height phobia as depicted in Episode 18 ‘Escape From Area X’) due to his traumatic experience in his childhood.

He told Dan that a fireworks factory in his neighborhood exploded and he saw houses and people blasted into pieces.

Amagi claimed Captain Kiriyama was such a cold fish as to have chosen him for the role while fully aware of his phobia.

Alien Kills try to rob the rally vehicle loaded with the Spiner, also with Dan and Amagi on board

At last Alien Kills planted a time bomb on the Spiner, and Kiriyama ordered Amagi to deactivate the bomb.

While being encouraged by Dan, Amagi finally made it.

And it was revealed the Spiner was a fake and that the real one had been on its way in another vehicle.

That was an ‘ in fooling the enemy first deceive your allies’ tactic, and it was also meant to make Amagi overcome his phobia.

We found Amagi there with a confident look. That’s what is expected from Ultraman!!!  🙂


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