Episode Episode 33: “The Forbidden Words”
Alias Vicious Alien
Height 2 m – 60 m
Weight 40 t – 20,000 t
Emergence Initially in his spaceship hidden underground
Homeplace Planet Mefilas
Features Various beam techniques; having the other aliens in tow
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Koji Ougi (voice: Seizo Kato)

Alien Mefilas is the fourth alien appearing in “Ultraman.”

He’s a very impressive and unforgettable alien with great popularity along with Alien Baltan.

Kidnapping HayataAkiko Fuji and her brother Satoru, Mefilas controlled Akiko as huge Giant Fuji and made her rampage in the streets.

He also had Alien Baltan, Alien Zarab and Kemur in tow as his servants though it remains unknown whether they were substantial or mere illusions Mefilas created as a bluff.


According to Mefilas, he hates violence unlike the other aliens and came here to challenge human mind.

He’s one developed form of an alien throughout “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman” both in design and in how to be depicted.

First of all, he speaks to humans in the human language (Japanese) directly and freely like aliens of following “Ultra Seven.”

All  his predecessors in “Ultraman” didn’t do so or did so only through an interpreting device.


Mefilas speaks in a gentlemanly tone but loses his temper easily, and he showed combat strength comparing favorably with that of Ultraman.

After an exchange of beam techniques with Ultraman including an areal battle, Mefilas suggested Ultraman to stop the fruitless fight between aliens admitting he lost to human mind.

He vanished into thin air leaving a laughter pledging to surely come back again to challenge and win human mind.


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