Beautiful still photo of Metron
Episode Episode 7: The Targeted Town
Alias Hallucination Alien
Height 2 – 50 meters
Weight 120 kilograms – 18,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Metron
Features High adaptability to Japanese folksy life
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor (Allegedly) Teruo Aragaki
Voice Shinji Nakae

Alien Metron was an alien who was so impressive even in our childhood.

Oddly enough, he’s well known as the alien who plotted to invade the Earth hiding himself in an old, shabby apartment in the fictional Kitagawacho Town.

The sly alien had an eye on the fact the human beings live in mutual trust abiding by rules and thought violent force would not be necessary for invading the planet.

He plotted to make people lose trust in each other and make the human beings extinguish themselves.

Metron's room with laundry hung at the window
Metron’s room with laundry hung at the window

He tried to do so by supplying cigarettes (reflecting the times) blended with tiny red crystals which work to make people insane and aggressive suffering from hallucinations.

When Dan found the alien in the apartment, Metron invited Dan to his room in a friendly manner, and they talked between the two aliens at the Japanese chabudai (traditional short-legged table).

Even as a child I found the scenes of Alien Metron sitting seemingly cross-legged (not really actually) on the tatami straw mat in a shabby apartment room was so funny.


It was also fun to find the oshiire (built-in storage space for Japanese bedding and so on) is set to be the entryway to his spaceship hidden inside the apartment.

The contrast between the extraordinariness of the alien with his spacecraft and the folksy, casual daily scenery of life is so surreal.

The battle scenes between Metron and Ulraseven silhouetted against sunset sky is also really impressive though Metron was defeated instantly.

The ironical ending narration is also superb!

Don’t worry, This is a story about the far, far distant future. Why? Because we the humans don’t trust each other so much as to be targeted by aliens now.

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