Episode Episode 21: Pursue the Undersea Base
Alias Space Undersea Man
Height 80 centimeters
Weight 25 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Mimy
Features Trying to get marine resources of Earth
Voice Ichiro Murakoshi

Alien Mimy (pronounced as mihmee) is the ecologically minded, seemingly tiny alien who built Battleship Robot Ironrocks recycling scrap and junk of sunken ships on the sea bottom.

He’s known as an alien who didn’t show up at all in the drama (allegedly for cost cutting) though we could hear his voice addressing Ultraseven through Ironrocks.

Instead, his watercraft (spaceship) shaped like starfish with the avant garde zebra stripes on it was very much impressive.

Hydranger 1 & 2

I remember the strong impression made me think it should be a starfish-like monster or robot first as a child, which made me excited.

They captured the Hydrangers with Furuhashi and Amagi on board respectively and made Ironrocks rampage in Shimoda Port in the mean time.

With Ironrocks destroyed by Ultraseven, the watercraft tried to escape into space, but it was finally smashed by the Hydrangers which surfaced.

If I defend this alien, while they are deemed to be evil aliens targeting marine resources of Earth, they stated to Ultraseven that they were going to obtain just resources the Earthlings left unused.

Pointer’s missile launcher from the rear

It doesn’t sound like they are extremely vicious.

Besides Alien Mimy the episodes of Ultraseven had several aliens who didn’t appear in the drama only having their monsters rage.

Although it’s a shame Alien Mimy was one of such aliens, the SFX scenes depicting the UG equipment are very much enjoyable.

Incidentally, the name Hydranger seems to have come from hydro and ranger having nothing to do with hydrangea though it’s not officially described as such.

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