Episode Episode 14 & 15: Westward, Ultra Garrison
Alias Tactic Alien
Height 2 meters
Weight 50 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Pedan in the Eighth Galaxy
Features Manipulating King Joe; sneaking in the TDF Base in the disguise of Dorothy Anderson
Designer Unknown
Sculptor Unknown
Actor Unknown
Voice Shun Yashiro; Hiroshi Tanabe

Alien Pedan are the aliens who mistook the observation rocket the TDF Washington Base launched for an invasion on Planet Pedan which, called the Dark Planet, was deemed to have no creatures.

They sent the Washington Base a message telling they were going to avenge themselves on the earthlings.

In surprise, the Washington Base called together people in charge of the Terrestrial Defense Science Party to hold a defense meeting at the Rokkozan Defense Center.

Having abducted Dorothy Anderson, scientist of the Washington Base who had the investigation data on Planet Pedan, the alien infiltrated the TDF Base to spy them in the disguise of Dorothy.

Dorothy Anderson (played by Linda Hardisty)

Her spying activities enabled the aliens to assassinate the participants for the defense meeting and to make King Joe destroy the Atomic Submarine Arthur conveying the participants secretly.

Wishing a peaceful solution to the crisis, Dan negotiated with Fake Dorothy.

And they agreed on the stoppage of the ongoing weapons development against Alien Pedan and the aliens’ withdrawal from the Earth.

Although Fake Dorothy promised to return real Dorothy to show their sincerity, it was revealed that she was brought back with her memory wiped away.

Dr. Tsuchida (played by Yoshio Tsuchiya)

After all the aliens changed their mind and decided to obtain the Earth saying they had never seen such a beautiful planet.

They called in their spaceship fleet to the Earth and made King Joe rage in the Port of Kobe.

Betrayed by Alien Pedan, Dan got angry and stood up against the robot after transforming into Ultraseven.

Treated by Anne, Dorothy restored her memory and got down to the development of the Raiton R30 Bomb together with Dr. Tsuchida.

As silhouetted in the spaceship, what the aliens exactly look like remains uncertain though their figure toys were made recently based on the appearance instantly shown in explosion.

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