Alien Pegassa design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “This is a variation development of Alien Goddora. He turned out to look more like an animal than Alien Goddora.”

It is said that Narita got an idea for the design of Alien Pegassa from a hammerhead shark and, for lump-like risings on the body, acorn barnacles while I assume the former should have made him describe Pegassa as having more animal-like features than Goddora.

As Narita puts it, he seems to have thought of Alien Goddora and Alien Pegassa as the basic style of Ultraseven aliens with the eyes positioned on top of the heads.

Alien Pegassa’s episode “Dark Zone” is definitely a masterpiece and one of my favorites with an excellent and thought-provoking story that makes us wonder what is “justice.”

Unfortunately, however, it seems that Alien Pegassa is one of the aliens who didn’t get himself photographed so much (did he stay in the dark zone?) or he might not have so many pictures remain in existence while it should be a lot of fun if we could see the pictures of him, say, being sculpted at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May.

Even though the pictures of Anne combing her hair in her private room with Alien Pegassa seemingly about to attack her are widely known (the pictures of the two photographed from different angles can be found), these were still photos taken for publications, and the show had no such scene.

It is so interesting to see his head look very much different when viewed from the side or diagonally from above as he bent forward.

Along with his appearance only with a human-size and the brief battle with human-sized Ultraseven, the episode featuring the alien who vanished into the darkness after losing his home was extremely impressive even when I watched it as a kid.

It is not that Pegassa is bowing at the end of this article but looking at the bomb he planted into the Earth to explode the planet

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