Episode Episode 6: The Dark Zone
Alias Wandering Alien
Height 2 meters
Weight 120 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Pegassa
Features Having built Pegassa City in space
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Hajime Yamamoto
Voice Junichi Higasa

I love this human-sized alien and his episode so much.

Alien Pegassa are the aliens who built gigantic Pegassa City in space having escaped from Planet Pegassa which vanished allegedly due to the decay of the planet.

The City is composed of materials 80,000 times the density of the Earth, and it travels in space moving under its own power.

It has factories inside capable of producing any items essential for life including air and water.

Pegassa City

With the power system down, the city came close to the Earth, and they demanded a temporary change of the Earth’s orbit to avoid a possible collision while fixing the disorder.

The aliens unquestionably believed the earthlings were capable of moving the Earth.

Alien Pegassa you can see in the drama is an agent dispatched from Pegassa City in preparation for destroying the Earth if the orbital diversion demand is not accepted.

Dark Zone

He hid himself in the Dark Zone, a shade he generated, in Anne’s private room of the TDF Base because of a severe injury he suffered in an accident.

Covering up his identity he got friendly with Anne and Dan but showed his true colors as an agent once he learnt the Earth’s orbit could not be changed.

In the meantime the UG tried to accept the Pegassa aliens into the Earth, but time was up with no response from them, and the TDF exploded Pegassa City with no choice.


Unaware of the end of Pegassa City, telling Anne to escape from the Earth together with Dan, the Pegassa agent got out of the TDF Base and made a huge bomb drop into the ground from the sky.

Hearing from Dan his home was destroyed, the agent attacked Ultraseven whom Dan turned into with the Pegassa Gun in revenge.

Getting counterattacked by Ultraseven with Eye Slugger, the agent ran away into the darkness of the night.

The bomb was also brought to space by Ultraseven, and the crisis was averted.

Having lost his home, where has he gone?

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