Episode Episode 45: The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucer
Alias Psychedelic Alien
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 80 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Perolynga, the 68th planet of Nebula Pegassa
Features Plotting to invade Earth with the space fleet camouflaged as stars
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki
Voice Hikaru Urano (processed voice)
Human Form Hiroyuki Takano

Alien Perolynga is the psychedelically colored alien who tried to invade Earth with their spaceship fleet camouflaged as stars in use of intense magnetism and the invisible barrier.

While observatories across the nation including that of the TDF  didn’t notice the fleet, quite a few amateur star observers found the spaceships including Saburo Fukushin (Kimihiro Reizei) in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo (where the Tsuburaya Productions was located at the time).

Fukushin: “Flying saucers! Aliens!”


Although Fukushin informed the Ultra Garrison of the flying saucers he found through his astronomical telescope, the team was not able to find them out in space.

While Fukushin got hold of them repeatedly, the UG and TDF started turning a cold shoulder to the youth.

Disliking people, Fukushin bumbling at his workplace because of lack of sleep caused by the star watching all through the night longed to go to the stellar universe where he thought he would not be bothered by anyone.


When Fukushin was invited by a boy he made friends with to the child’s home, the boy turned into Alien Perolynga, and the alien explained their Earth invasion plot.

Alien Perolynga: “Wolf! Wolf! While you are crying it out repeatedly, no one will end up looking back at you. The real wolf will be coming in the meantime! We know an Earth’s fairly tale like that…”

And the alien gently told Fukushin that they would take him who was fed up with Earth to the stellar universe…


Becoming aware that something wrong was going on in space, the Ultra Hawk 1 went into action.

Through absurd (meant to be psychedelic) battle scenes, Alien Perolynga was beaten by Ultraseven with explosions, and their space fleet were also wiped out by the Hawk 1.

The next day Fukushin was found rushing to the small factory he worked for on bicycle while the work start siren was blaring out.

I do love this episode featuring clumsy and awkward young guy Fukushin and Alien Perolynga that is just like a fairly tale or an allegory.

I wonder how you would find this one.


5 thoughts on “ALIEN PEROLYNGA”

    1. Amazing! The image truly looks like Perolynga’s space fleet! Yes, I don’t know much about the series, but I hear something like Evangelion’s stooping posture is a tribute to Shodai Ultraman.
      Thank you for sharing your discovery!

  1. Another favorite alien from the series. I have seen the entire Ultraseven series many times, but it’s fun when I have a chance to watch some again as you post summaries of the shows. I have Alien Perolynga as a figure from the Ultraseven manga series made my Marmit, shown here with the manga version of Ultraseven. The monsters and aliens from the Marmit series too look very much like what is in the TV show!

    I have to ask, the show does seem to end very abruptly with Fukushin on his bike with the sirens (I didn’t know they were work sirens!), that is how the show appears on my DVD set. Is that the same as on yours? (DVD or BluRay)

    1. I’m glad to know Perolynga is another favorite of yours. So is he for me. If my posts should be of any help to enjoy the series more, I’ll be absolutely happy about it!
      Your Marmit Perolynga looks so real! I know their products though I have none of the lineups unfortunately. It’s just amazing to learn that you have even the manga version figure of Ultraseven that looks so cool!
      As to the ending of the episode, let me explain its possible backgrounds in my posts even though I’m not sure if it helps you a lot.
      Than you for sharing your views and the photo!

    2. I now understand the Perolynga figure is also the manga version. It looks cool!!! Not so much difference from the real one though manga versions often have their distinctive features.

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