Design drawn by Tohl Narita with the title “Redman, Beautiful Challenger, alien” while we can learn it was designed with the alien’s name undecided under the provisional show title “Redman” and episode title “Beautiful Challenger”

Tohl Narita: “I got the idea from a dragonfly, if any. This is one of the aliens I like best as I got to organize it well into an abstract form.”

According to a book interview with Tetsuo Yamamura, while Alien Pitt‘s eyes were made of FRP and the face of latex, the eyes and face were cast all together so there was no separation between them where they met each other.

Although body tights were used for the body part apparently to reduce the cost, the twin aliens were impressive enough with their excellent design and sculpture.

I am amazed at Takayama’s sculpting ability to reproduce the design faithfully into the costume even applying his own idea to it.

It is explained that the name Pitt came from Cupid as the aliens were set to shapeshift into cute-looking girls like Cupid.

While two identical alien girls appeared in the show, it is revealed that they were acted by Reiko Takahashi (she was 15 years old then) and one of her school friends in almost the same size and shape as Takahashi also with hair about the same length.

It was Takahashi’s friend who played the other alien girl for the scenes showing her back side.

Takahashi recalls in a recent book interview that she was asked if she had a friend who was about the same size, shape and hair length among her school mates, laughing, “I wonder what they would have done if I had answered I had no friend like that.”

Takahashi says she quit acting right after the shooting of this episode was finished as she found acting too tough while almost a month long shooting made her use up her school summer vacation.

Although it was once explained Takahashi acted Alien Pitt as well wearing the costume, she says she doesn’t think she did.

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