Episode Episode 3: The Secret of the Lake
Alias Transformation Mysterious Alien
Height 1.55 (human form) – 2 meters
Weight 60 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Pitt
Features Transforming into a human girl; stealing Ultra Eye; controlling Eleking
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Unknown actresses
Human Form Reiko Takahashi (double casted for the two girls)

Alien Pitt are female aliens who attempted to invade the earth in the form of human girls with the use of Eleking they controlled.

Two of them, pink-eyed and yellow-eyed, appeared, and they looked exactly the same in the human form.

As monsters and aliens were usually deemed to be males somehow, I think featuring female aliens was a rare case in those days.


Furuhashi and Dan found Alien Pitt’s spacecraft landed in Kisodani Valley they rushed to in response to the report that a huge object fell down there.

Pretending to be an innocent girl who wandered into the spacecraft by chance, one of Alien Pitt stole Ultra Eye from Dan.

She made Eleking, space monster they control, emerge from the lake while Dan was unable to turn into Ultraseven without Ultra Eye.

Human form of Alien Pitt in their spacecraft

Although Ultra Eye was often stolen by aliens throughout the series of Ultraseven, it occurred for the first time in this episode.

While Dan made Capsule Monster Miclas fight against Eleking, he managed to get back Ultra Eye.

After the defeat of Eleking by Ultraseven, Alien Pitt were also smashed together with their spacecraft they were in, while trying to escape to space, by Ulraseven who chased after it.

She has nostrils

4 thoughts on “ALIEN PITT”

  1. The Pitts’ plan might have failed terribly when Tadpole Eleking was almost fished out by a random fisherman….until one of them had to personally swim over to unhook it. Makes me feel these Aliens are a bit inexperienced…wwww

    1. The Alien Pitt escaping from Anne, paralysing a guard, smashing up controls and launching off in a rocket all by herself was hillarious though.

    2. Hahaha, you’re right. The fisherman could not be taken for granted, though. He might have been a fisherman with superexcellent skills to fish even the (tiny) space monster, which the aliens didn’t expect at all!

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