Still photo of Alien Platic
Episode Episode 30: For Whom Takes the Glory
Alias Plastic Mysterious Man
Height 2 – 40 meters
Weight 50 kilograms – 15,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Platic
Features Coming to attack with only the skeleton
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Alien Platic is the alien who plotted to wipe off the Ultra Garrison by hijacking the Magmarizer that was leading an army of tanks in field battle drills and by replacing the artillery shells with real ones.

He sneaked into Earth with his oddly shaped Space Tank.

He breathes out a plastic liquid that solidifies the human body, and the operators of the Magmarizer were found dead coated with the plastic.

Fortunately it ended up just leaving Ultraseven unable to move for a short while when he was sprayed with it.

Alien Platic’s Space Tank

In hand-to-hand combat the alien was so strong as to make Ultraseven’s Beam Lamp blink.

Although he burnt up when shot with Emerium Beam, his skeleton showed up and came to attack Dan and Aoki.

And he was finished off by dying Aoki with a shot of the Ultragun. (To be honest, Skeleton Platic was more impressive than Alien Platic as a child.)

Aoki (played by Akira/Takehisa Yamaguchi) was an elite TDF member and deemed to be a possible candidate for an Ultra Garrison member in the future.

Skeleton Platic

But the shrewd young man was too much driven by ambition and a keen sense of rivalry against Dan to take credit for his own glory.

And, as the result, he caused many casualties among the TDF members and lost his own life in the battle with Alien Platic.

As it’s well known, Alien Platic is the last Ultra alien/monster Tohl Narita designed, which is a great shame.

After he left Tsuburaya Productions, Noriyoshi Ikeya succeeded to the position of monster design, and he also did a remarkable job.


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