ALIEN POLL; GANDER (making) #2

Alien Poll puppets at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May (Alien Cannan’s head can be seen behind)

Without sufficient snowfall in any easily accessible places, it was decided to film the scene of Dan wandering in the snow storm inside the Bisen studio where the Ultra Series were predominantly filmed except location shooting although they finally got real snowfall only for the ending scene.

It is said that, while Koji Moritsugu was surprised at Pointer, the real one, brought into the studio, they obtained a large amount of baby powder to be disposed of, perhaps, for free and used it for snow along with salt (in Moritsugu’s autobiography, it is described as snow made from styrofoam and salt). It seems that the powder blown by a big fan in the studio made the filming even harder as it got into the eyes of the staff and some of them had their eyes swollen.

Gander costume at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May

Tetsuo Yamamura debuted as a kaiju actor with Gander, and, as Koji Uenishi who played Ultraseven was known for his fighting performance with all his might (Uenishi was originally a sword fight actor and choreographer), Koichi Takano, tokusatsu director who worried Yamamura could get severely injured in the fight with Ultraseven, arranged the fight scene into a simple one in which Ultraseven’s telekinesis made Gander do somersault in the air with Yamamura absent in the suit.

Gander with its head cut off by Eye Slugger seems to have forced Yamamura into a squeezed position in the suit by bending his neck.

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