Episode Episode 25: Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero
Alias Mini Alien
Height 33 centimeters
Weight 1 kilogram
Homeplace Planet Poll
Features Plotting the Third Ice Age; manipulating Gander
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor None (puppets)
Voice Koji Yada (processed voice)

Alien Poll are tiny aliens who said they came to freeze the Earth plotting to bring about the Third Ice Age.

At the outset they froze up the areas including the TDF Base with an extraordinary cold wave of 140 degrees Celsius below zero.

That may or may not be true, they proudly claimed they had given rise to the Ice Age on the Earth twice in the past, but what they did it for is unknown.

Dan was caught in the cold wave on patrol in the Pointer, and the vehicle stalled in the snow storm.

Pointer traveling above snow fields

And he left the car behind to walk up to the base recklessly. (Actually Captain Kiriyama casually told him to do so.)

The thing is, as Nebula M78, Land of Light, where Ultraseven came from has no winter, he’s extremely susceptible to coldness, allegedly more than ordinary humans.

Alien Poll (three of them) appeared before Dan through hallucinations.

They are aliens who talk much in a high-pitched voice (with a nice female scat-singing in the back. I love it 🙂 ).

Blinking Beam Lamp shows energy shortage

While wandering around in the snow field, Dan lost Ultra Eye unfortunately.

Even after finding it out in snow and turning into Ultraseven, he had to fly close to the Sun to absorb solar energy.

When kaiju Gander that Alien Poll manipulated got beaten by Ultraseven, Alien Poll left the Earth admitting defeat and admiring perseverance and a sense of responsibility humans showed.

OK, that’s enough. By the way, what brought you guys over here?

I also suggest the Ultra Garrison members to go pick up Dan in the first place when he got stuck in the cold of 140 degrees Celsius below zero…

Seven absorbing solar energy

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