ALIEN PROTE (making)

Alien Prote design drawn by Tohl Narita; how this design is deal with in his art book is terrible with such an image of poor quality that we can’t tell what the face looks like…

Tohl Narita: “I drew this design as I wanted to design something limp.”

Alien Prote was the alien with its yellow eyes like fried eggs and parts on the head shaped like pearl shells that impressively lit up in the dark.

Tetsuo Yamamura who played Alien Prote says in a book interview that, although it was found to have been painted grey when the costume was delivered to the Bisen studio from Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May but it was repainted into a dark blue on the set at Narita’s instruction.

Yamamura adds that the parts from the toy bricks Daiya Brokku were used to cover its body they had found too smooth while the bricks were also used for Dino-Tank. According to Yamamura, as there were scenes that were filmed with low-angle shots, he saw the art staff trying to make the trees and flowerbeds elaborately.

The pyramid-shaped building that appeared in the set was based on the real-life architecture that used to exist in Gakushuin University, a renowned private university in Tokyo. A talk show with this episode shown there and Kazuho Mitsuta who directed this episode invited was held in 2008 before the building was demolished due to deterioration.

Alien Prote costume without the spines to cover his body at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May; the whole head seems to have been made from a translucent material

As I used to live near Gakushuin University in my childhood, I remember some of my friends told me that the artificial pond surrounding the Pyramid-shaped building was inhabited by red swamp crayfish and that they would catch them there although I had not given it a try (I fished crayfish in a different place with the other friends).

While it was set to be in early spring probably assuming a weather getting warmer in the script, there was an unexpected snowfall as you can see in the show, which makes the scenes related to the university even more impressive.

Sanae Kitabayasi (1944-present) who played Saeko Nanbu, Soga’s fiancée, says in a book that she has been friends with Tomoki Kenmochi (1943-presennt), who acted Ichinomiya tricked by Professor Niwa whose true identity was Alien Prote, since they were high school students. Kenmochi is also known as the voice actor who played Alan in the Japanese version of the British sci-fi TV show “Thunderbirds.”

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