Episode Episode 29: The Forsaken Earthman
Alias Space Spy
Height 1.7 – 46 meters
Weight 100 kilograms – 12,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Prote
Features Evilness; psychic abilities
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Tetsuo Yamamura; Hajime Yamamoto (life-sized)
Human Form Masahiko Naruse

Alien Prote is the alien who tried to collect secret data on the worldwide TDF Bases by using a spy satellite disguised as a science observation satellite.

He disguised himself as Prof. Niwa of Kyonan University that played a leading role in the development and launch of the satellite.

And he acted behind the scenes making use of one of his disciples, Ichinomiya (played by Tomoki Kenmochi).

Already knowing Niwa was Alien Prote, Ichinomiya cooperated with him in developing the satellite because the alien promised to take Ichinomiya who wanted to escape from Earth to Planet Prote.

Prof. Niwa attacking Soga with a beam from his fingers

Ichinomiya was happy that the alien acknowledged the theory of his invented transmission (substance teleportation) machine and made it for him while the theory had been ignored by people.

But Ichinomiya resisted Niwa when he learnt the satellite was meant to be a spying device for Earth invasion.

Alien Prote has many psychic abilities including shadow-cloning and hallucinations and is capable to create alter egos.

With Alien Prote’s spacecraft on its way from his home planet to recover the spy satellite, Ultraseven was bewildered by the alien’s ever-changing attacks.

The alter ego doesn’t care even if it had its head sliced off by Eye Slugger naturally.

Ichinomiya stunned at Niwa’s true intention

Leaving Ultraseven fighting against the alter egos, Niwa tried to transfer himself to the spacecraft through the transmitter.

But, knowing that the machine was incapable to regenerate the substances when multiple people transmitted simultaneously, Ichinomiya thrust himself into the device so as not to let the alien go with the secret data.

And the two vanished together for good.

The spy satellite was recovered by Ultraseven who teleported to space with his teleportation ability, and Prote’s spacecraft was blasted by the Ultra Hawk 2.

I find this episode attractive enough and worth watching which also revealed Soga had his wife-to-be, Saeko Nanbu, student of Kyonan University.

Ultraseven transporting to space

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